Jerry broke his tooth, but his tooth didn't go

Maggie won a race, but she also ran slow.

Devon loved a woman whom he killed once or twice

And Ada was a model with a head full of lice.

John jumped to his death, but John could also fly

The happiest man ended laughs with a sigh.

Slave-owner Bill sold himself to another

Kim was a monster, a saint, and a brother.

William held the moon on a ransom

And the Elephant Man was voted most handsome.

Jailbreaks rallied themselves back inside

While some mayors burned down their cities with pride.

Gravity's rules changed however it pleased

And well-to-do women lay the diseased.

But if good is bad, then bad goes good

And if a thing shouldn't, then also it should.

So hate the world, the people in it

For if you did, you also didn't.

Be the backwards, move it forward

Turn away to pivot toward.

Dance it poorly, dance it fine

Hate the bitter, love the wine.

Someone broke it all, my dear

The world, I mean, as such we feared.

But that's OK, because it's not

Time to live, then die, then not.