When the West defies South and the North defies East

or if natural law's guard and protection were ceased,

then away would the wonder of gravity fall,

and the grace of our lives dead in each of us all.

The wind were a warning, now eternally blown,

carved of the humans and born of our own.

Kill a cub and fear the mother, kill the mother, fear your death;

the dirt is skin like any other; the wind's the ravaged, spoiled breath.

But under spells and wicked charms, we drunk this mighty thing.

Dodged the owed and claimed and sold with no known ode to sing.

Even suns and moons would bow, before their better interest,

A nod to rise, unrecognized, alone but all the richest.

Plagues of passion warn the wardens of the earth

That business of hurricanes a long cry for worth.

The edges of space and we're rolling right toward it,

Tired, old stars finally calling a forfeit.

They killed themselves, the moon and sun, as much like any other.

Hapless stardust unconvinced at last it'd find a lover.

We drown, we drown. If blown up, blow. Once come, then that is that.

So busy, we, unfortunately, we kings of tit-for-tat.